Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Standing Building Survey

After much hemming & hawing, I decided to stick with Standing Building Survey after all. One of the reasons I chose it is because of my lack of ability to do scaled drawings. It's something you need to do with Standing Building Survey. And I wanted to master it.

Standing building survey is what you do to assess the different stages of a building - additions, alterations, phases of construction, etc. that can be seen in a stone building. Either that, or surveying any interesting structure of stone, brick, etc. that is of interest. 

Steve Driscoll & Nicola Reid were in charge of helping us out with this, and Steve had chosen a ruined weavers hut which stood across from a (still occupied) weavers cottage. 

This is the back side of the weaving shed - which Gen, a class-mate of mine and I were drawing.

A few roof-tiles still clinging on.

The side of the shed, with the door to the upstairs.

The front of the shed.

Martin, one of my class-mates, trying to catch the attention of the cats.

The cats weren't distracting at all!

Some were more friendly than others.

An inside view of the door.

A blocked up-chimney and a wee stove.

The adjoining building.

People mistakenly put cement (concrete?) around the old stones, thinking it will preserve them, but it just leads to quicker erosion and destruction.

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful old cottage! I just saw something very similar for sale in Coupar Angus--I think that is near Perth. I'll send you a link to it.